Food-Medication Interactions
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Food/Natural Products and Drug Interactions:
CRN Network Spring Meeting, Plymouth Meeting, PA March 2009
Oklahoma Workshop, May 2008

Alaska Dietetic Assn, Anchorage, AK April 2008
Massachusetts Dietetic Assn, Sturbridge, MA March, 2008
South Carolina Council on Renal Nutrition, Columbia, SC, Nov 2007
Connecticut Dietetic Assn, Danbury CT Oct 2007
Cincinnati Dietetic Assn Cincinnati, OH April 2007
PA CDHCF Pittsburgh, PA April 2007
Western NY Dietetic Assn Buffalo, NY April 2007 
Nutritious Lifestyles Orlando, Fl Oct 2006
Montana Dietetic Assn, Helena, MT May 2006
Oklahoma Dietetic Assn Tulsa, OK April 2006 
Virginia Dietetic Assn Fairfax, VA April 2006
Mississippi Dietetic Assn Vicksburg, MS March 2006
Allied Dietary Consultants Private training Austin TX Dec 2005
HDS Services Private Training East Lansing, MI Oct 2005
Massachusetts CDHCF, Dedham, MA Sept 2005
NJ DHCF Winter Seminar, Princeton, NJ, January 2005
GDA/SCDA Joint Annual Meeting, Augusta, GA May 2004
Michigan CDHCF, Livonia, MI March 2004
Wisconsin Dietetic Association, Madison, WI April 2003
Virginia Dietetic Association, Richmond, VA March 2003
Arizona Dietetic Association, Phoenix, AZ February 2003
Connecticut Dietetic Association, Waterbury, CT, November, 2002
Western Massachusetts Dietetic Association, Springfield, Mass, Sept. 2002

Florida Dietetic Association, Ft Lauderdale, FL, July, 2002
MD-CDHCF Spring Workshop, Baltimore, MD, May 2002
NCDA Annual Meeting, Durham, NC, April 2002
ODA Spring Meeting, Tulsa, OK, March 2002

Psychotropic Drugs, Nutrition & Weight Management Considerations
BHN Practice Group Pre-FNCE Seminar, Chicago, IL Oct 2008
FNCE (ADA Annual Meeting), Philadelphia, PA Oct 2007
Maryland CDHCF, Baltimore, MD May 2007

Nutritious Life Styles Private Training Orlando, Fl Oct 2006
Allied Dietary Consultants Private training Austin TX Dec 2005
PA CDHCF Elizabethtown, PA, November 2004
CT CD-HCF Westbrook, CT, September 2004
CADA/Consultant Dietitians of California, Costa Mesa, CA January 2004
American Dietetic Assn, FNCE, San Antonio, TX, October 2003

Pharmacology for Dietitians: Diabetic Agents
NCDA Annual Meeting, Winston-Salem, NC April 2006

Ohio Dietetic Association, April 2005

PADA Annual Meeting, King of Prussia, PA, April 2004
Richmond Dietetic Assn, Richmond, VA, January, 2004

Pharmacology of Selected Antihypertensive/Cardiac Agents
North Carolina Dietetic Assn Raleigh, NC April 2008
Richmond Dietetic Assn, Richmond, VA, January, 2004

Drug Therapy of Alzheimer's Dememtia
Maryland CDHCF, Baltimore, MD May 2007
Iowa CDHCF Annual Meeting, Des Moines, IA May 2006
Mississippi CDHCF Vicksburg MS March 2006
Indiana CDHCF/IDA Fall Seminar, November 2005

Evaluations/Comments from Previous Presentations:

One of the better teleseminars I've attended; professional, jam packed with relevant information; knowledgeable presenters, topic well organized, case studies helpful; case studies were interesting- made me think of my own clinical examples; good explanation of pharmacokinetics, used actual drug names instead of drug classes; very informative - Pronsky & Elbe touched bases on a lot of concerns I have to deal with on a daily basis.
Teleseminar - Food Medication Interactions, March 2009

Very informative and insightful; very knowledgeable speakers, good information; extremely important information; very interesting - different topic that's needed by everyone; thank you for the clear examples - very good take away information; practical thorough information.

CRN Network Spring Meeting, Plymouth Meeting, PA March 2009

Really enjoyed Managing Drug Interactions in Cardiac Disease.
Handouts good.
North Carolina Dietetic Assn meeting, April 2008

If you are looking for a seminar that provides plenty of interesting information in a well planned and comfortable format, you will not want to miss this presentation.
Pronsky and Elbe possess an amazing knowledge base on the subject of food/herb/medication interactions. Pronsky, is a Registered Dietitian, and Elbe is a Hospital Pharmacy Pharmacist, as well as a pharmacy instructor. Together they offer complementary education regarding medication absorption and dietary interaction with medications.
Using several case studies, the presenters quickly involve the audience in discussion and problem solving. Dietitians are reminded of the importance of considering all medication interactions in the Nutrition Assessment process.
The presenters, each with clinical caseloads, provide applicable illustrations from cases in their own practices. They bring their subject matter to life.
We are all aware of difficulty keeping up with the vast number and type of medications on the market.
This seminar is a great way to build on your present knowledge base.
Terry Anderson Girard, MSRD, LDN - Anderson Nutrition Services
Virginia Dietetic Assn Meeting, April 2006

The Massachusetts CDHCF meeting held October 2005
Attendees loved the program. Evaluation forms were filled with comments like concise, made subject exciting, very practical, case studies worked well to reinforce their points, timely explanation of current information on diabetes subject, speakers were very knowledgeable and worked well together, EXCELLENT PROGRAM.
The Indiana Consultant Dietitians held our fall meeting in early November 2005. Our program included a four hour presentation by Zaneta Pronsky and Sr. Jeanne Crowe. Two hours were spent on Psychotropic Drugs: Nutritional and Weight Managment Considerations and an additional hour and a half on Drug Therapy of Alzheimer's Dementia.  

Due to their superb reputation as speakers, our attendance was at least 1/3 higher than usual which increased our profits by more than 33%.
Evaluations were outstanding-  91% of responses on evaluations were excellent or above average.  Evaluation comments included: 
They made the information very practical; Let's have them again on other drug nutrient interactions;  Sister Jeanne was a very good instructor and easy to listen to;  Excellent speakers, great presentations;  They gave me information that I can take back and use;  They took a complex subject and made it fun. 

Further more, their honoraria and expenses are very reasonable.

They have a variety of presentation topics on pharmacology, diabetes, and food and drug interactions.  We plan to have them again in the future.  I'm sure Zaneta won't mind if I share her email address with other program planners out there, check out her web site for more information. 

 Marolyn Steffen, RD, CD

 I would like to thank you both once again for your wonderful presentation to our group Jan. 12th. All the evaluation forms echoed what a great day it was.  You were both witty, and heldeveryones interest through out the day. Especially noted was how everyone found the case studies to be a plus in geling all the information you presented. 
Mary Chambers, Chair,  NJ DHCF  February, 2005

"The Food-Drug Interactions presentation by Zaneta Pronsky, MS, RD, FADA and Dr. Jeanne Crowe was super!  Not only did it refresh my awareness of what I know in the area, but reminded me that the drug therapies and knowledge change all of the time, and that we all need to keep up.  I heard my students and colleagues who also attended state they "it was the best part" of the meeting for them.  It helps to gain more skill in managing patients with potential interactions."
Sylvia Escott-Stump, MA, RD, LDN
Dietetic Programs Director,  East Carolina University

Fast moving- stayed on track; great refresher and current information-- very useable, very organized - lots of information.  Handouts will be a nice future reference. Really glad I attended. Excellent. Really liked the explanation as to why drug/nutrient interactions and pathways. Very well presented -- great casual atmosphere. Very well done."

"A great conference, Practical knowledge is appreciated, great handouts, I like 4 hours, very useful in clinical dietetics, excellent info, both speakers very informative and knowledgeable and present material in an easy to understand way, raised my knowledge level of the subject matter."

"We need more of this type of seminar, I used it immediately the next day at work."

"We had so much positive feedback after your Food Medication Interactions Workshop."

“Excellent program, useful, varied, and interesting, very informative, excellent information, very useful, very impressive, good variety of information, excellent, liked the interaction of the two speakers, good speakers—made it interesting, very enthusiastic, good session, well presented, great.”

 Honorarium and Expenses information available upon request.

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