Food-Medication Interactions Handbook 16th edition
software for Palm OS PDAs

by Zaneta M. Pronsky, MS, RD, LDN, FADA

 Palm V4.0 by S.E. MediaPharm Ltd. 

 Images for V4.0 will be identical to those seen below

Table of Contents
Easy to navigate

Drug-Nutrient Interaction information is arranged in alphabetical order by generic drug name. With just a couple of taps of your stylus, you can access information for any product, or browse through the monographs.  V3.0 on PDA puts the answer to the tough clinical questions within your hands, anywhere you go, anytime you need it. 


FMI13 on Palm PDA screenshot

Be More Efficient with Hyperlinks
Link right to the answers for your patient

No more flipping back and forth in the print version to find the cross-reference to a trade name, just tap your stylus on the generic name hyperlink, and instantly the information you are looking for is displayed on-screen.

Search for the Answer
Find needed information quickly

Tap the magnifying glass on the bottom of the reader screen, and enter the name of the drug, lab test or adverse effect you want to search for. You can search the current page or the entire document, and even repeat the search multiple times.

FMI13 on Palm PDA screenshot


FMI13 on Palm PDA screenshot

Make Your Mark
Save frequently used information as bookmarks

There are certain drugs and lab tests that keep coming up again and again in your practice, so leave a bookmark on this frequently accessed information, and then jump to this data whenever it is needed. You can store, rename, and jump to these bookmarks anytime from the bottom taskbar of the reader. Bookmarks persist even when the manual is closed, so they're always there when needed.

Tables Turned into Powerful Tools
Analyze nutritional status, recommend dietary changes

Tables in the PDA are just as jam-packed with information as in the print version of Food-Medication Interactions. On standard resolution PDA screens, you can scroll the screen from left to right to read data that goes beyond the standard page boundaries. Height-weight tables, Grapefruit-Drug Interactions, Salt substitutes, body weight and BMI calculations, they're all here !

FMI13 on Palm PDA screenshot


FMI13 on Palm PDA screenshot

FDA Pregnancy Categories at a Glance
Know right away about medication risks 

You'll be even quicker than the pharmacy consultant when it comes to looking up pregnancy risk categories for medications. Each drug monograph has a pregnancy categorization, with a link to details about each FDA pregnancy category.

Canadian content, eh?
Canadian brand names exclusive to PDA version

Many Canadian brand names for drugs differ from their American counterparts. (e.g. dimenhydrinate, called Dramamine in the USA, goes by the brand name Gravol in Canada). With an influx of Canadian medications into the USA, its important to know brand name differences so that you know which medication you're dealing with. 

FMI13 on Palm PDA screenshot

All Canadian brand names are denoted by a symbol. This information is only available in the PDA Software V4.0. Watch for Canadian excipient information in updates.

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